Tutorial: Making a Blog Header

     So, I'm super new to the whole blogging thing, but that's no excuse for having an ugly/boring/generic/blah header. In fact, that was the first thing I changed when I started this blog in the wee hours of the night.

     I couldn't find anything online for how to make a header; and though it was a very easy thing to do, I have no doubt it would have gone faster if I had a tutorial to help me out. So--because I am such a nice individual--I will show you how to make a header on Adobe Photoshop Elements.

     I have 6.0, but this is so basic, I'm sure it will be easy to replicate on newer (or older) versions.

     Without further ado, here is my first tutorial (after the jump). :0)

Step 1: Open the editor in Elements and make a blank file. I accidentally made it 910 pixels wide, instead of 920, but it really doesn't matter in the long run. You can make the height whatever you prefer.

Step 2: After you have made the file, add text to the image.

Step 3: Once you have entered the text you would like, select the move tool and place the text wherever you would like it. Also, I kept the background white, but you can put a picture, shapes, doodles--whatever your blogging heart desires. :0)

Step 4: Once your masterpiece is to your liking, go to "file" and click "save as." You'll want to save it as a JPEG or another compatible format... not as a PSD, which is the default.

Step 5: Now, go to your blogger dashboard and go to the "layout menu." From there, click on the "edit" button in the header box.

Step 6: Now, click "choose file" and select your JPEG, or whatever format you chose, and upload it. Then (this is important!) under the "placement" options, be sure you choose "instead of title and description." This will make it so you don't have any funky layering going on with your header.

And you are almost done! Just click save...

...and PRESTO!

     You now have a personalized header on your blog! Doesn't that add a nice personal touch? I always think plain headers are sort of cold and industrial looking. Plus, it's the first thing readers see, so it's best to make a good impression.

     Of course, the header I made is very simple. Just something to use until I design one that I really like. Until then, I must say, it's better than nothing.

     I hope this was helpful. I know I kind of baby-walked you through it, but it was super easy, right? 


  1. The link I clicked on said this tutorial would be for creating menu buttons and this tutorial obviously isn't for that. Wondering where that link went!

    1. Hi Rebecca! Here's the post for menu buttons. I'll have to fix that button on the menu. http://www.clickclackclunk.com/2012/01/tutorial-making-menu-buttons.html

      It's an older tutorial of mine. I am actually thinking of making an updated one, so keep an eye out for that.


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