Catching Crochet Infinity Scarf

     A while ago, I stumbled upon this great infinity scarf pattern on a nice blog called PeopleWebs.

     When I saw it, I immediately pinned it to save for a later date--after finals and college applications. Now that I am done with that mess (for now... finals will be here again before I know it), I finally found some time to make one for one of my dear friends from elementary school. Of course, her birthday was about a month ago, but I am notorious for late birthday gifts, and even later Christmas gifts--so when put into perspective, I'm doing pretty well being only three weeks late. I have to admit, I had a pretty fun time getting the package ready. :0)

     This was a fairly easy one to whip out. I made it while watching a disc of White Collar (one of my favorites), and I was distracted (obviously) by the antics of Neil, Mozzie and Peter. With that in consideration, the scarf probably only took me a couple of hours to make. And, with any knitting or crochet project, the faster the better. After all, I can only take so many hours until I lose my patience and stow the project away in frustration, only to pull it out a year later and realize I no longer remember the pattern. Yeah... That's happened on more than one occasion.

     I personally love the texture, and I modified the pattern a little so I could have one edge of it be wavy. I also used just one strand of Caron Simply Soft instead of two like the pattern suggests. Because I only used on strand, I also used a smaller hook (J), and increased the length by about 40 stitches. Personally, I really like how it turned out, and can't wait to make some more as gifts (and maybe one for myself at some point).

     So, if you want to make one of these beauties, head on over to PeopleWebs. I think the pattern should be easy enough for beginning crocheters, and the result is a cute scarf that you can be proud to wear.


  1. This is SO FREAKIN COOL and GORGEOUS! ahhh so cool!

  2. Can you show us how to make the edge that you modified?

    1. Hi Celine,
      On the pattern, you just have to skip Row 4. Then you'll retain the scalloped pattern. :)

  3. oh should put up a video tutorial for this looks great...if you DO decide to make a video please let me know


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