Doodle: Chalkzilla

     I was organizing my digital "folders" of photos (photos which I have in copious abundance), and found these photos of the giant chalk doodle my sister and I made last summer. This made me smile and cry all at once. Smile because that was an especially fun doodle to construct, and cry because I haven't seen the black part of the driveway, or green grass for the matter, in over six months. You can cry for me too. Winter still has a couple months to go up here. 

     My sister came up with the idea to make a giant driveway sketch, and she also came up with the idea to do a Godzilla scene (I wanted to make one of a giant Pac-Man game). She told me if I wanted to post this, I had to credit her--which I suppose is the right thing to do anyway, even though these are photos I took.

     This doodle took us four hours to make. We used every single color in our giant box of Crayola sidewalk chalk. Don't scoff, art snobs. Crayola still has its merits.

     By the time we were done, our knees were grey from the black top, and our backs would only straighten about as much as Quasimodo's. But, it was totally worth it. As we were drawing it, people would stop their cars to take a look, and people walking their dogs would do a double take for further examination.

     It could just be me, but I rather like it when people gawk at my work. Getting recognition for any attempt to be artsy is very gratifying. Know what I mean?

     And, just so you know, the bullets being shot from the helicopter are being deflected by his bullet proof skin. No worries. Chalkzilla will live to attack yet another driveway.

     But not ours. 2012 will be the year for Pac-Man.

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