Doodles: Little Family

     Sometimes, I doodle in class, because sometimes class is boring. It's simple reasoning--really. This is a set of doodles from a while back, but they really are cute. They live in my AP Statistics notes, and they are actually happy there (glad someone can be). Let me introduce you to them.

 This is Henry, the older brother. He's a quiet one, but not aloof or snobby in any way. 
Just reflective.

 This is Lexi, the middle child. She's bright and cheerful, and always ready to make new friends.

 This is Dad, the dad. He needs to shave.

This is Mom, and that is Lilly, the youngest child. She is a little shy, so she doesn't show her whole face. 
Mom is kind of her security blanket, so they are (almost) always together.
 Oh, and Mom is just a little tired (as all moms are).

And this is Chewy, the family dog. Simply because, no family is complete without a dog
(or in my family's case, three).

     So, that is the little family living in my AP Statistics notes. Cute, huh? 


  1. (hehe Dad needs to shave) Dad also likes North Face :) If Dad shaved though, he'd look as young as Henry, so no shave


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