Doodles: A Place In Between

     These are probably my favorite doodles--ever. They took longer than most doodles, so maybe they are actually full-fledged drawings? Either way, I just love how they turned out, and I hope you do too. :0)

 This is a lamp post, standing alone in the rising sun--reflecting it's dimming light upon the surrounding snow.
It was inspired by the lamp post in The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I simply love how something so simple as a collection of lines can add so much depth to the picture.

This is a land where the sun is forever in limbo between sunrise and sunset.
And running through this land is a single cobblestone path, edged by a line of oh so perfect trees.
When one walks down this path, they are not stressed, they cannot be worried, 
and all of their cares are gently blown away by the serenity of solitude.

     Isn't it funny how looking at images brings about a story? Even if that story isn't completely realized initially, the story is always there. I suppose it just goes to show how the beings of art and language are so very intertwined. 

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