Inspiration: Lino Block Prints

     In middle school art, we made linoleum block prints. I really enjoyed it. It's like doodling, except you can mass produce your doodles once you make them, which is kind of fun. 

     Lately, I've been wanting to give it another try; however, I don't have the supplies to do it (linocutter, linoleum block, paint, roller, etc.).

But if I had this...
via DickBlick

I would make print fabric like this...
via HenriKuikens (An adorable ETSY shop)

And adorable robot napkins like this...
via StolenMoments (Yet another classy ETSY shop)

Or a lovely little print like this...
via InkMeUp (Another wonderful shop on ETSY)

     Yup. This pretty much looks like a blast. Not to mention printing my own designs on my favorite fabric (linen) would be a blast. And, how fun would it be to make a lino doodle? It's like taking my art to a whole new level. 

     Plus, look at all these adorable Etsy items! I love it! You should go check out some of these shops. The artistry is impressive. Here are links to the storefronts to which the artworks above belong:

If you don't have the materials to make a lino print either, you should visit these shops, or search "lino print" on Etsy. There are tons of creators out there making these works of art. 

     Also, here are some tutorials I found for lino cutting (you know... for when I get the materials some day). You can go here, and here. Both sites have a slew of carving tutorials. Of course, one is in Spanish. Thank goodness Google Chrome translates web pages... Although the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

     Have fun making some art! (Or just admiring it... or buying it.)


  1. Lauren, Thanks so much for choosing to feature my robot prints out of all the fine things in the vast sea of lino prints on etsy. Thank you!

    And, you should totally jump in. It is, by far, my favorite way to create!

    1. No problem! You're little robot print totally caught my eye. So cute! And, I'm planning on purchasing the materials to start very soon. Learning new arts is always exciting, so I can't wait.


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