Treasure Hunt... At Salvation Army

     I went to Salvation Army to find some cheap supplements to my spirit week outfits. Turns out, I found nothing for my school's spirit days, which was kind of a bummer. Then again, I bought some books and a brand spankin' new red scarf (still had tags) for a total of--wait for it--$3.50! That totally un-bummerized my trip.

     And, yes. "Un-bummerized" is not a word. Get over it. The English language is always changing. In fact, if all of you start saying "un-bummerized," it might become "real" word and get published in Webster's Dictionary.

     And, yes. That is what constitutes a "real" word.

     Moving on.

     Here's exactly what I bought:

The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

     It's what they call a "non-fiction thriller" (did you know those existed?) about the origins and encounters of deadly diseases, such as the Ebola virus. I know it's an odd topic, but I read his other "bio-thriller," The Demon in the Freezer, which is about small-pox, and I actually enjoyed it. Hypochondriacs should probably stay away from this genre, but otherwise, if you have an interest in medicine or biology, they are really quite good.

A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L' Engle

     I've read this one before, but to be honest, I can't remember what it is about. I already have a paperback copy, or rather, I had a paperback copy. It was lent to a friend years ago, and never made its way back home. No matter now though. I have a beautiful hardcover edition to replace it.

Finding Faith: A Search for What Makes Sense by Brian McLaren

     I found this one by chance. As I was leaving I caught a glimpse of the Zondervan logo on the spine and decided to buy it. It appears to be a basic theology/apologetics book. The first blurb on the back talks about how having faith should not mean abandoning reason. I am a firm believer in this, and decided for $0.50 I would just buy the book and give it a try. The topic of faith and reason seemed reminiscent of Ravi Zacharias's work, which I am a fan of.

     On top of these books, I also got a warm and fantastic scarf. Perfect for a winter's day, paired with jeans and a simple tee, perhaps? I have to wash it really well before I wear it though. And I mean, really well. Thrift stores always make me kind of cautious (I might be a slight germaphobe... I do read "bio-thrillers" for fun, after all), but that's a small price to pay, I suppose. 

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