Valentine's Day Goodies

     Happy (almost) Valentine's Day, everyone! Here are a few nifty Valentiney things. Enjoy!

Aren't these cute? Visit the ModCloth Blog to see the tutorial.
via ModCloth

Isn't this picture simply surreal? It looks so tranquil... and pink, of course.
via EllenZee

I don't really like hard boiled eggs, but this is pretty neat.
I wonder if it works for mere mortals...
via 9Gag

It's raining hearts!
source unknown (sorry)

Here is some cute heart ivy from Color Me Katie. Too bad they don't grow like this naturally...
And, last (though certainly not least), here are some delicious looking "Oreo" cookies from Create Loves.
Visit for a recipe, and a look at a super fun blog!
via Create Loves

And for those of you who observe S.A.D. day (single awareness day)...

Have a good V-day tomorrow!

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