A Wee Bit o' Turquoise Bracelet

     This past weekend was crazy. I had a conference, and tons of homework to catch up on Sunday night. Of course, this isn't to say I didn't sit down and make something when I was taking breaks. After all, time wasted crafting really isn't really a waste, now is it?

     So, I pulled out the beads from the nooks and crannies and made a bracelet. A couple years ago, my mom and I went on a beading frenzy. This frenzy lasted a year or so, and resulted in stores of beads and wire and findings. Unfortunately, the craze lost its steam before we actually used everything (this happens frequently to many crafters...hence my hoards of random yarns, felt, and embroidery floss). For this reason, we have an entire drawer full of beading notions.

     In case you are wondering how I made it, I'll give a brief summary. I first strung the first three strings of beads, and braided them. I then secured them to the jump rings. Then, as I beaded the consecutive strings, I simply wove it through the braid, following one of the original strings. I did that three times so each portion of the braid had two strands to it. 

     You might be wondering why I didn't just make all six and then braid it (or you might not). I did it this way because braiding it all at once doesn't let the braid lay as flat. This way, it was more manageable to manipulate each strand. 

     I don't think that's very clear... but I hope you get the idea.

     At any rate, this is the final product. I was going to make it all silver, but that was sort of boring. So, last minutely, I wove in the turquoise. It added the finishing touch, if you ask me.

     Feel free to ask any questions if you want to make your own.

     Happy Leap Day! 

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