Beware of Thieves (In the Blogosphere)

     Recently, I was on my webmaster tools account and found that a site called Broken Controllers was linking to my content. Curious, I followed the link and found a very ugly site with snippets of my Doodles: Hair! post and a big "DOWNLOAD" button next to said snippets.

     I didn't hit the button, of course, but I did research the website. Apparently, Broken Controllers hijacks content (they especially like to prowl Blogger sites) and posts the RSS feeds on their own site (did I mention it's hideous?) and surround said content by advertisements, and the "DOWNLOAD" button. As I researched, I found that button forces the computer to download spyware which can take control of your webcam (among other vile things). The worst part was, three poor people had apparently hit the download button already (not sure what they were expecting to get...).

     So, I decided to take action. I visited the site (and then ran all my anti-virus software), and found the e-mail address to the thieving dolt who runs the site. As I write this I am shivering from the anger and indignity I feel at having my content stolen, and it has been a while--you can't imagine the self control it took not to write something caustic and scathing to the cretins who run the site.

     Here is what I wrote:

          To whom this may concern,
I noticed you are stealing content from my blog. Please remove it. The only case of theft I found was at this link: (I'm leaving this out so you don't accidentally visit it); however, if there are more, I trust you will delete them at once. 
It is illegal to take content from my blog, and I am protected by copyright laws. Please do not take anymore content from my blog (or anyone else's for that matter!), and remove the content you hijacked as soon as possible. I work hard to create content for my blog and I don't appreciate thievery of any sort. 
Once again, please remove my content immediately, and may the copyright gods have mercy on your souls (I'll admit, this was probably a bit much... oh well) 

     If you run a blog and want to make sure the same thing isn't happening to you, search 
"your blog name"/BrokenControllers.

     In the event they are stealing from you (and stealing might sound harsh, but that's exactly what they are doing), I suggest you contact them. I will update this post when (more like if) they write me back. 

     Also, visit here for an informative post regarding this same issue. 

     Update: They just wrote back with a pert, "The page has been removed. Thanks." I wonder what they are thanking me for?

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