Favorite Albums... Right Now

I love listening to music. More than that, I like listening to music that is decent, with intellectual messages. By intellectual, I mean something just a little deeper than getting stoned, drunk, or the like.

In other words, I like music that isn't mainstream. Music that doesn't really ever make its way to those raunchy sound waves that call themselves radio stations. If I sound a little cynical right now, it's because I am. I don't enjoy a majority of the auto-tuned noise, also known as popular music.

So, I'm a little picky. Just like people who don't like certain foods, I don't like certain sorts of music. This makes it extra hard to find stuff I like, but it's not impossible. Here are some of my current favorites. (Images are linked to Amazon.)

1. Barton Hollow
The Civil Wars

I really like this album. It's quiet enough that I can play it softly while doing my chem homework, but not so quiet as to lull me to sleep. I also love the harmonies of Joy Williams and John Paul White. In today's music industry, such "raw" songs are hard to find. No auto-tuning here!

2. Sigh No More
Mumford and Sons
This is another favorite of mine. My cousin introduced me to them this summer. Many of the lyrics are inspired by literature, which I find to be super duper cool. In fact, I've analyzed their songs for English class before, and they really are rife with hidden meaning.

3. When We Were Young
Lucy Schwartz
Lucy Schwartz is an artist I discovered a year ago. She made her big break when she won an international (or national?) song writing contest or something like that, and she is really, really talented. Her lyrics are witty, and her voice has a unique sound to it (unique in a good way, of course).

4. Kaleidoscope Heart
Sara Bareilles
Hmm... Sara Bareilles is pretty mainstream, I will admit. BUT, her music is much better than many in the "pop" scene. You are probably familiar with her songs, King of Anything, and Love Song--if nothing else.

5. Far
Regina Spektor

This album has been around for a few years, and it's one of my favorites. Seriously. She is about as unique as unique gets. And, she released a new single recently (All The Rowboats). Love it!

So, what are you're favorite artists and albums? (It's okay if they are mainstream... I won't judge.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oooo...those are some good ones. I am loving the band, Of Monsters and Men this week. I saw them in concert, and they have a really fun sound.


    1. Hmm. I'll definitely have to check them out. :0)


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