Introducing... New Blog Buttons!

     As always, I have been on my continuing quest to learn the ins and outs of blogging. The best way to learn about blogging is to look at successful blogs. What do they do that I can do too? This is the question I'm always asking myself.

     It has been my keen (or not so keen) observation that many popular blogs have grab buttons so that their wonderful and loyal readers can post them on their own blogs and spread the word. So, I decided to learn how to make one of my own.

And so, this button was born:

     So, oh wonderful, blogging readers, would you like one to adorn your own beautiful spaces of the blogosphere? Great! I have it all set up on the right side bar. The code is ready to go! All you need to do (if you want) is copy and paste it into your HTML widget on your blog. 

     No pressure, just know it's there if you want it. :O) 

     I'll have a tutorial on how to make your own in the near future.

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