The Winter Sun

     Despite it being so cold up north, it can certainly get sunny. The sun sparkling on the snow is one of the most beautiful, albeit blinding, things to see in nature. And, sun sets are nice too, as they always are.

     Being in the mountains in the middle of winter is a cold experience, but also tons of fun. We went out and took our snow boogies (the sled equivalent of a boogie board) and shredded up the mountain. In addition to sledding, I was also able to take pause and listen to the silence. It was remarkable. 

     In our busy, modern day society, silence has become an endangered species. When was the last time you truly stopped and heard nothing but reverberating silence? It's probably been a very long time (or maybe even never). Just yesterday, I stopped in front of my house and listened, expecting to hear silence. I didn't. I heard chains clanking, shovels scraping, and engines murmuring in a low, growling tone. Granted, it was about as "quiet" as it gets in a populated environment; however, it wasn't silence.

     Anyway, sorry to run off on random little bunny trails. I'll stay focused now. Want to see some pictures of the sunshine? 
Here is a shot my sister took. 

And, of course, the sun setting in the Arctic Valley.

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