Delish: Feta & Pear Salad

In Alaska, summer means 55 degree weather (we skip spring and basically hop straight into summer). Summer also means being able to see the pavement again. And that bears start roaming the streets again. Just kidding. Bears don't really roam the streets... just the woods... with the occasional street sighting. They don't attack though... usually.

Summer also means salads. Of course, we have salads all throughout the year, but having a salad for dinner on a nice sunny night is always most pleasing.

Recently, my mom went to Costco and came back with really nice pears, and feta cheese. Inspired by Ratatouille, I decided to pair them together (no pun intended). Combined with spinach, toasted walnuts, and a nice honey vinaigrette (my mom's concoction), it made a very nice, sweet and springy summertime salad.

 First, I washed all the ingredients that needed washing and cut the pears into bite size pieces. I put all the salady things in a big bowl.

Then, I toasted the walnuts in a small pan with a little bit of butter. Just toast them until it becomes fragrant and the walnuts start turning a rich brown.

Then, combine everything, except the dressing.

Next, make the vinaigrette by combining olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and honey. I don't have exact measurements. We always just put in what seems right...

Add dressing and toss. Now you have an amazing, summery salad. :O)

Bon appetit!

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  1. Good movie, Ratatouille. And puns. Puns are always good. Side story about me. When I was in France, my family was describing dishes to me. They tried to describe ratatouille, but I was like, "oh no, I know what you mean, I saw the movie!" At first they were like "What?" But then the son was like, "Ohhh, the one with the rat." First and only joke that I made in french that they understood. End of tangent.


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