Doodles: In Color!

I pulled out the old watercolor paints today to add some color to my doodle book. I haven't used watercolors in a long time, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll haul out the cold press paper and make some nice paintings this weekend--if I have time that is. 

Although there is still snow outside, it is quickly receding (okay, not really that quickly, but it will be gone within three weeks... hopefully). In preparation for summer (in Alaska, we jump straight from winter to summer), I doodled some petite zinnias. The colors didn't turn out very vibrant, but you get the idea.

And, here is a feather. I seem to draw these a lot. Not entirely sure why. I really like the colors though. Especially how they all blend into one another. Although the color palette is comprised of cool colors, I think the feather still has an amount of springiness to it, don't you?

Have a fantastic day tomorrow! Fridays are always the best, are they not?

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