The Harry Potter Series

So, I'm a little late to the Harry Potter scene (like ten plus years late), but I've finally started reading them. I had to read the first one for a school play, and after reading it, I decided to go ahead and order the rest of the series from Thriftbooks. Well, I actually ordered books 2-6, because I couldn't find books 1 and 7 in the edition I wanted (I'm trying to have them all be Raincoast/Bloomsbury editions... the Canadian ones... if you can find hardcover editions of 1 and 7 for under $20, let me know).

At any rate, I have really been enjoying them, but I don't necessarily see what all the hype was about them earlier. Sure, they are good reads, but they aren't necessarily phenomenal. I suppose that's just my opinion though, and not many would stand by it. That being said, I harbor no doubts that these books will carry on in popularity for many generations down the line.

The reason I hadn't read them earlier was because of concerns about the witchcraft inherent in the series. Really, it was a conflict of morals. However, I read the first book and found it to be nothing more serious than the spell casting displayed in C.S. Lewis' or J.R. Tolkien's works. I guess it all comes back to that old cliche--don't judge a book by its cover. Not that I literally judged by the covers, of course. :O)

I guess what I really mean to say is that you can't pass judgement blindly, without knowing exactly what it is you are looking at.

There it is. Those are my words of wisdom for the week (if you can call words from a high school student wise). And with that, may I wish you a happy work week's end.

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