Travelogue: The Foods of Philly

Alright! Here's the most important part of my East Coast college tour. Naturally, it wasn't visiting the colleges themselves, but rather, the food. Yes. Food was the obvious priority for this trip.

So, right across from one of the dorms on the Penn campus sits a Chipotle--but the Chipotle isn't even the good part. The better than good part is Bobby's Burger Palace, which is owned by Bobby Flay. Yup, he's the grilling dude on the Food Network that my mom always quotes and my dad always rolls his eyes at. Since it was just me and my dad on the trip, he wanted to eat there just so he could tease my mom. Lucky for us, the food was pretty good too!

Here's an order of sweet potato fries with this horseradish mustard sauce. It was really good. Like really good. Better than Simon and Seaford's good--and let me tell you, that's pretty darn good. 

And, of course, a burger. I think this was called the Dallas burger. Provolone, Bobby's signature BBQ sauce, and coleslaw. The coleslaw really made the burger. Quite tasty, indeed.

Next, a Philly cheesesteak. I mean, you can't visit Philadelphia without trying a cheesesteak, right? My dad asked some locals for recommendations and everyone told us Campo's was the place to go, so to Campo's we went. It was a pretty good sandwich. They definitely taste better in Philadelphia than in Alaska. Just saying. 

There was good food to be had in Philly (and in New Haven too... Est, Est, Est Pizzaria!). It was a good thing we were walking everywhere. Otherwise, I might have packed on some extra baggage if you know what I mean. ;O) If you're heading to Philly, check these places out!

This is my last food post for a while. I promise.


  1. Dang! Somebody's going to be eatin' good when they go to college! I'm excited for when you go to live in Philadelphia. I've never been there, so you'll have to keep up your blog!


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