Travelogue: Old Town Philadelphia

Just last week, my dad and I took a trip to Philadelphia to visit the University of Pennsylvania (because I've been accepted there). Naturally, we toured the campus and took part in their admitted student festivities, but we also took an afternoon to take a look at some of the historical sights Philly has to offer. In short, we were doing touristy things--but it was fun.

While in Philadelphia my dad and I visited "old town," which is where all the historical houses and such are located. We visited the Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, Independence Hall, and some of Ben Franklin's old haunts.

Here's the Liberty Bell (of course). We stood in line forever to see this and even had to have our bags searched by security... Although, I kind of doubt the likelihood of anyone trying to attack the Liberty Bell Center. Maybe I'm just naive.

This is the outside of Independence Hall. The buildings are all very pretty both inside and out.

Here is where the first official senate was held in the temporary capital of Philadelphia. Most of the furniture is reproduction, but some of the chairs are original, which is pretty vintage if you ask me.

Honestly, it was pretty cool to see all those places. And, yes. I might be getting my history geek on. My U.S. History teacher would be proud.

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