Tutorial: Tie-Dye Crayons

My family doesn't like throwing away art supplies. Because of that, we had amassed a collection of crayons, the oldest of which probably dated back to my preschool days.

So, we have a fairly large Rubbermaid container chock full of crayons (all Crayola, of course). We don't really use them any more, so they just lay idle in the cupboard; but when an opportunity came up in student government to use them for Teacher Appreciation week, I jumped on the chance to finally use them up.

One of our members had the idea to make these crayons and attach them to cards that say:
"For crayon out loud, you're an awesome teacher!"

And that's exactly what we decided to do... and it was left up to me, my friend, and my sister to make all 80 crayons. We didn't mind though. It's finally warm enough that the snow is receding and we can sit outside and do work in jeans and a t-shirt without getting too cold. If you're curious, we had a high of 56 degrees today. We Alaskans were ready to break out the shorts and slip'n'slide. No joke.

Anyway, here's how to make your own tie-dye crayons.

To make your own you need crayons, muffin tins (we used mini ones), and (if you please) an X-acto knife.

 After gathering supplies came the tedious process of peeling all the wrappers off the crayons (ick). We used an X-acto knife to cut a line vertically down all the wrappers and then just unwrapped them. It made it a lot easier, so I heartily recommend it.

Then we broke the crayons into little pieces and combined them in the little muffin compartments. I would say we filled them two-thirds full...

Then, stick them in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for around 12 minutes (or just until it looked thoroughly melted).

Once they came out, we used toothpicks to swirl pretty designs into the crayons. This gave a tie-dye effect to the whole thing.

After cooling for 15-20 minutes, we set the tin upside down on top of a towel and used a rubber mallet to force the crayons out.

And then...

 TA-DA! There you have it, tie-dye crayons! A fun way to recycle old crayons so you don't end up hoarding them for 15 years. Not that we did that, of course.


  1. This is such a great idea, I love it, a great way to recycle wax crayon stubs but they also make colouring in more fun, you never know what colour you are going to get!

    1. Thanks! The first time I made these was when I was little. I think we melted the bits in a tin can and set it by the fire. Since not everyone can do the campfire thing, I thought the oven was more accessible.


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