Doodles: Floor to Ceiling Shelves & My New Book Blog

Until now, I've been blogging about my crafts, my life, and my obsession with books. Until recently, I thought that was okay. Now, I think it's a tad schizophrenic.

I've been studying the blogs that I really love, and have found they appeal to one or two specific niches. Not three. This is what sets "that's nice" blogs apart from "wowee-zowee" blogs--focus.

Of course, I still want to write about what I read. After all, books and reading is a major part of me. My solution? To create a separate blog to chart my reading adventures.

Don't worry! I will still write here just as frequently about my crafty, artsy things, and little life reflections. But, if you want to read about what I'm reading, check out Floor to Ceiling Shelves (that's the name of my new book blog).

I hope you will follow both, or at least take the time to peruse my new blog.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

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  1. You are right! Focus on a main topic makes your blog gain more followers. I doubt someone would get any followers if they wrote about the latest fashion and then wrote about the goriest horror movie a couple days later.


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