The End, As I Know It

Today was the last day of my high school career. We had a few finals (well, actually, I had no finals), and did our graduation practice (because twelve years of public education evidently hasn't taught us how to walk across a stage when our names are called). Then, of course there was pizza, soda, ice cream and cake--as there should be for such an occasion. It was pretty much an awesome day.

I know there are two camps when it comes to high school. One says it was the worst time of their lives... the other says it was the best. I have to say, I align myself with the latter; however, this is not to say there are not better days to come. 

For me, high school was a time of growth--a time to collect hats, if you will. I mean, I used to just have the "student" hat, which was nice, but not really that nice. As time moved on, I became a leader, a volunteer, a writer, a blogger, a Quaker (go Penn!), a civically engaged citizen, and most importantly, a friend (although, I've actually had that hat the longest, I suppose). Finally, by the time my junior year rolled around, I was taking ownership of my high school experience--and I was loving life because of it.

When I started out in high school, I was the girl who was very quiet, got good grades, and went home for the day. I would never have EVER guessed that I would become student body president later on, or that I'd ever pluck up the courage to talk in front of huge crowds on a microphone, or that I'd even muster up the resolve to actually become a published writer. Heck, I didn't even know if I would get into college, or find my way to my next class!

My point is this, life (not just high school) always has potential to be amazing, IF you're willing to take ownership. It is this mentality that I will be carrying into my college career, and even more importantly, into my every day. Get involved! Join a club! If you're in high school, don't be afraid to try new things. In fact, if you're any age, don't be afraid to try new things! But even more than that, give yourself the freedom to pursue the things you love. Don't ever deny yourself that right, because that right there is the essence of life.

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