The Good & Not as Good

  • I got accepted to the Ben Franklin Scholars program at Penn!
  • My snap peas are growing. 
  • I finished making more "Gee Thanks" cards for the lovelies who wished me well for graduation. (If you missed that post, see here). I'm thinking about starting an Etsy venture... What do you think?
  • I rescued my dog from a near drowning experience! (He ran off the end of a dock on accident... he's kind of dumb).

  • I have summer homework from the Ben Franklin Scholars program... ick.
  • Still no job... although I have mixed feelings about it. Not going to lie. I kind of like being lazy.
  • I got the Krazy Glue tube glued to the table yesterday. Pretty much the most epic of epic fails. My dad had to chip off the puddle of dried glue with a chisel last night. He wasn't happy. (Sorry, dad!)
  • I think I'm allergic to fuji apples... NOOOOOOOOO! (They're my favorite).


  1. You should definitely do etsy! Also, sorry about Fuji apples. Have you tried Honey Crisp apples? They're yummy too!

    1. I love Honey Crisps! They are probably my second favorite. And, I ate granny smiths without getting itchy, so maybe there is hope yet. I'm just afraid that I'll randomly have a full blown allergic reaction and stop breathing and then someone will have to do a trachiotomy on my like in that really bad Nancy Drew movie with Emma Roberts. But, my imagination is probably getting the best of me.


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