Headband Teaser

Well, I've finally gotten around to crafting stuff again! Yes, yes. You're all too kind. No, really--hold the applause.

So, today, I whipped out two of these headbands, and I'm planning on making two more. Why so many, you ask? Because, the materials cost me nothing! How, you ask? Because I made them by "upcycling" (a term I previously thought was only for hippy granola types) an old long sleeve t-shirt!

With material from one shirt, I can make four headbands--while using up almost all of the shirt. I hate wasting fabric, so this discovery made me quite giddy, indeed. 

Over the next week, I'll be posting a two part tutorial to make these headbands; and let me tell you, these suckers are pretty cute. So cute that you'll be digging in your closet, or going through the thrift store, or even sifting through dumpsters (just kidding... don't do that... that's nasty) to find a shirt so you can make your own headbands to wear and to give to others. 

Consider this your teaser, folks! Hopefully, I'll be seeing you around. 

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