What Happened to Those Days?

Today as I was fighting a crusade against Richard the Dandy-lion-heart, I could hear two boys down the street pretending to rescue some damsel in distress. They were perhaps eight years old, and I was quite amused by their antics. I listened a little harder, expecting to hear them declare their allegiances to some princess, or another traditional "damsel." You have no idea how shocked I was to hear one of them say, "QUICK! WE NEED TO SAVE MEGAN FOX!!!"

Yeah. I didn't even believe it the first time I heard it. I mean, how do eight year olds even know who Megan Fox is--much less have an attraction to her.

And then, I heard his comrade reply, "We'll save you, Megan Fox!"

Turns out, I heard right the first time.

Honestly, I'm not very old. I'm just barely eighteen, in fact. And yet, so much seems to have changed since I was little.

When I was young, the boys were knights or pirates or firefighters or the like. And they didn't save Megan Fox--they saved princesses or the elderly or puppies. Conversely, girls didn't dress like miniature adults and dream of becoming a Hannah Montana or iCarly sensation. We pretended to be queens, fairies, doctors, cowgirls, chefs, and housewives.

As time passes, values become more shallow. I knew this, but somehow I thought that childhood would be impervious to the materialistic, fame-ridden clutches of the pop culture that surrounds us. I suppose that I was wrong.

This led me to the conclusion that we need to simplify our lives, if not for our own sake, then for the sake of the future generations. If we want to foster a healthy environment for these kids to grow up in, we probably need to nix this early idolatry of the beautiful and famous. I've seen second graders wearing Justin Bieber's face plastered on their shirts, with Zac Efron's face on their backpacks. This is an epidemic folks!

For this reason (if it were up to me), kids would go back to playing "make-believe" games, like doctor or house. And instead of video games, they would play with toys. I seriously think these things are very good for building a foundation of imaginations which is then followed by intellect and ingenuity.

I guess my point is, simplify. We need to simplify.

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