Yet Another New Look

So... as you can see, the blog has a new look (again). I couldn't think of anything to write, so I decided to redesign my header and navigation bar. A few other things will be changing over the next week or so as well.

I have to say, I'm pleased with my new header. I basically collaged a few of my favorite doodles. It's much more personal, no? And to be honest, I was never a huge fan of my blue and pink color scheme. It was a wee bit too girly for me...

Well, I'm on summer break now, so theoretically, I should have more time to post. And, I'm planning on posting more. For now, I'm going to try and brainstorm some spiffy series ideas. Do you have any ideas?

Later, gators!


  1. a pac man sort of font? I like it. The collage is a good idea too

  2. I love the new design! You're so artistic. :)

    1. Thanks. And, my offer to help you still stands. :) Just don't let me forget.


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