Doodles: Henna Art

My awesome Californian cousin (what's up, Liz?) sent me a tube of henna. So on the last day of school, my friends and I got to work giving ourselves some celebratory (temporary) tattoos. 

Of course, one of my friends posted on Facebook that we were getting tattoos and people assumed we were getting real ones. I can tell you now that will never EVER happen. I'm not a huge fan of needles, pain, or permanent marks on my body. I'm not judging. It's just not for me.

I gave my friend to the left a Celtic style clover. She's an Irish dancer--and a pretty beast one at that.

My Irish dancing friend gave me a flower. It was really pretty while it lasted.

And on the right, my other friend requested a cheese wedge, and Chinese characters that we can only assume mean "cheese." We aren't sure though. It was just the first one that came up on the Google search. For all we know, it could say something really bad...

So, there they are. The doodles of late. I'll post some real pen and ink ones soon.


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