Geeking Out About Friday {5}

A while ago, my friend (hi, Laura!) showed me this neat website called Out of Print Clothing. It's a pretty cool store where they design all of their products to look like (usually) out of print book covers of classic texts. In their mission statement, they say their goal is to celebrate the "world's great stories through fashion." I personally think that's a noble cause--you know, to stand up for books in a Jersey Shore kind of world.

Plus, they donate a book to Africa for every item purchased, and who doesn't want to give stuff to African children? I know I sound like an advertisement, but I promise, I wasn't paid to write this--nor was I forced at gunpoint by the CEO of Out of Print.

Anyway, the items above are some of my favorites. I love the Pride and Prejudice sweatshirt and Moby Dick journal the most.

And that's what I've been geeking out about as of late.

Have a fantastic weekend! Go read a good book. 

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