Geeking Out About Friday {2}

It's been a busy week, with nonstop babysitting and creating decorations for our church (I'll post on that later... but the banners we made are AMAZING!), I haven't had much time to do bloggy things. But, I need to tell you what I've been geeking out about this week, so here we go. :O)

1. These Avengers Toms! Don't get too excited. They are photoshopped, but still... the concept is brilliant! I would get the Captain America ones. He and Hawkeye are my favorite Avengers. 

via TomHiddleStunned Tumblr

2. And, I've been obsessing over making a knock-off of this Chan Luu bracelet. It's in the works. I'll share it eventually. I promise.
via Zappos

3. And, lastly, this cool artwork tutorial. I need to go collect some ferns and leaves from the woods and make some of these.
I couldn't find the source! Please help, if you know it... The furthest back I could go was to some Russian "pin-me" site... and I'm pretty positive that isn't the original.

And there you have it. There's what I've been geeking out about this week. What have you been geeking out about?


  1. I'm also in search of the original source for that artwork idea. I love it! Anyway, I've tried Google Image search (which led me here to your blog) but I have yet to find the original source. I'm off to search some more!

    1. I even searched TinEye, and still came up with nothing! Good luck finding it. :O)


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