Surprise in the Mail

I love getting mail. It's probably one of my favorite things--so it makes me sad that the postal system has essentially run themselves into the ground, as far as finances go. 

Anyway, I checked the mail today, and there was a package for me from one of my best friends! I opened it and found a lovely stack of books tied up with string; a cute journal (with unruled pages--those are the best); and a darling handmade pig keychain (I named him Oliver). In the card, there was a B&N giftcard! This family knows me too well.

The books are about Philadelphia, which is totally fitting. I am going to be spending four years there, so I'd best learn what is where and all that jazz. They even have maps, which will be good. One of my deepest fears is getting lost in the city--at night. Yeah. I'm sure creepers abound (infinitely more so at night). I don't like creepers, so I don't want to get lost at night. For that reason, these books are going to be super helpful. 

To the lovely family that sent me these goodies, thank you so much!

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