Doodles: Baking

Here's a doodle I made yesterday after baking brownies. I was just in a baking kind of mood I suppose. I've realized that sketching mundane objects really isn't all too mundane. In fact, it kind of lets you take note of things you never really bothered to examine before.

Plus, I don't have to think very hard while I do these, which makes it a relaxing process.

Quite opposite of this "relaxed" sort of drawing is my recent attempt to practice drawing people. I've never been good at drawing people, and I figure that since I'm not doing anything else this summer, I may as well practice. It's the faces and hands that get to me. The proportions just seem to get away from me.

Anyway, grab a pen and paper and draw something mundane today. Trust me, it's more fun then it sounds.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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