Geeking Out About {8} // Olympics Edition

Unfortunately, the opening ceremonies coincide with prime dip-netting time at the Kenai River--so I won't be able to watch. However, that doesn't mean I can't geek out about the olympics, now does it? Here's an Etsy round-up fit for the occasion. (And by the way, this isn't sponsored or anything. I'm just promoting handmade goods because I like to.)

I absolutely love this cute laurel wreath headpiece. It's simply perfect for the olympics. Check out PoppyHartDesign on Etsy to purchase. 

And here's a keychain to show your Team USA pride. It even has good ol' Abe Lincoln on it. How can you get more American than that? Take a look at NatashaAloha for details.

And, lastly, this cute tote bag. Frankly, the graphic is genius--if they had a print of it, I might be cajoled into purchase (and I'm a poor college kid!). Look at lucyirving for details.

That's all for today! Have fun watching the ceremonies... it's times like these I wish we had TiVo.

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