Geeking Out About Friday {6}

I've been on a book kick this week (well, honestly, I'm on a book kick every week), so here is a small collection of the tutorials I've been geeking out about this week. 

I plan on covering a book with the Delightful Distractions tutorial very soon on a book of Hans Christian Anderson fairytales my grandpa gave me. It's a wonderful book, but the cover is really not that attractive. I need to find the right fabric first, of course. 

As for the bookmarks, I've made a few already, and they work wonderfully. I made mine using colorful pages trimmed from a Pottery Barn catalogue. I also use paper from catalogues for wrapping paper sometimes (don't judge!). There are lots of uses for the stuff--trust me. Plus, it's better to reuse it than to just chuck it in the trash can.

Lastly, the dock. I love that dock. But, I have a Samsung Galaxy SII, so I don't think it would work... Darn. Oh well. I love my Android phone, so I'm not complaining. Maybe if you could figure out how to build in speakers, you could make an iPod dock instead. That would be sweet. 

I wish you all a delightful weekend!

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