My Alaskan Life: Dip Netting

Like I said last Friday, I missed the opening ceremonies for the Olympics because my family and I had a date with some salmon on the Kenai River. And by that, I mean we went dip netting.

I hadn't ever gone dip netting before (despite eight years of living in Alaska), and I wasn't sure what to expect. The basic concept of dip netting is you have a huge net (5 feet or less in diameter) connected to a super long pole. You basically just hold this pole in the water at the mouth of the river, and wait for the unsuspecting salmon to entangle themselves in your net. 

We caught 15 red salmon. Not a bad haul for the end of the season.

As you can see here, there are quite a lot of gung-ho fishing enthusiasts with whom we shared the beach. And by gung-ho I mean the sort of people who get to the water at 6 PM and don't leave until 2 AM. You know... people like my family. 

One of the coolest things (besides catching fish) was seeing droves of seagulls just flocking to pick at salmon carcasses and remains. I mean hundreds of seagulls in one concentrated locale. It was quite a sight--although it did make my sister and I pull out caps on for fear of getting seagull poop on our heads. 

And there's a snapshot of my Alaskan life. I'm definitely going to miss it up here when I leave for Philly in the fall.

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