Tutorial: Bleach Dip Dye Tee

In case you've been living under a rock, stuck in a time warp, and/or stranded on an island with a volleyball named Wilson, ombre is a major trend right now. I'm generally trend blind and I know it's trending. I can't get onto Pinterest without seeing something ombre. I can't online window shop without running into it either. In fact, I was looking at Anthropologie and saw this shirt. I like it, but it's $50. I don't pay $50 for anything except jeans--so, I decided to make my own blue ombre shirt with materials from home!

For mine, I decided I kind of wanted a tie-dye/acid wash look as well, so I used some basic tie-dye techniques to make it happen. And the result was this cool tee--all for FREE!

To make this shirt, you'll need: an old (SOLID COLORED) tee shirt; a grocery bag; rubber bands; rubber gloves; a large plastic basin/container; Clorox bleach

Start off by soaking the shirt under the faucet until it is completely drenched, and squeeze away the excess water. Next, use your grocery bag and a rubber band to cover the bottom 6 inches (or so) of the shirt. This will prevent bleach from accidentally getting on it.

Then, rubberband the shirt where you would like the stripes of color to be. Make sure you rubberband it tightly so that bleach can't get in.

I then filled the plastic basin about 4 inches high with HOT tap water. I then added the bleach and used a clothes hanger to mix it around. (I didn't measure how much bleach... just use your own judgement and you'll be fine.) Then, I placed the top part of the shirt into the bleach solution and let it soak for about an hour.

I did this portion in the bathtub. It kept all the bleach contained and made for a super easy cleanup. I highly recommend it.

After an hour, I came back and the shirt looked like this. Depending on how you would like the shirt to look, you can let it soak for more or less time. This is a pretty flexible project, so experiment with it a little!

To finish off the shirt, I took it out of the bleach solution and (wearing rubber gloves!) I squeezed out the excess bleach water from the shirt. I then rinsed it under COLD water for about a minute. After that I removed the plastic bag from the end and rinsed the shirt for another minute or so.

Then, I let the shirt sit on the (dry) floor of the tub for about an hour. After that I rinsed it one last time, removed the rubber bands, and hung it up to dry.

And that's all! With minimal effort and no money you have a trendy shirt to wear for summer!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave me a note in the comments section. Also, if you make a shirt of your own, I'd love to see it--so you should definitely e-mail me a picture of your finished creation.

Happy bleaching!

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