Tutorial: Simple Sewing Labels

Today I'm going to show you how to make these simple "brand" labels to use on your sewing projects. These labels would also be great for putting names in things you sew as gifts, or projects sewn for little kiddos (and big kiddos too!). I personally plan to use them for my Etsy shop next summer.

I'm also going to show you how to make the little side tag/label thing that I sewed into this pencil pouch. It's hard to see it, but it's on the top right of the pouch with an "l" on it.

You'll need:
-cotton twill tape OR ribbon
-Heat n' Bond
-letter stamps and an ink pad that will work on fabric (you might be able to use fabric markers instead of stamps, but you'd have to experiment with that as I haven't tried it...)

First, I cut my Heat n' Bond into a long strip narrow enough to be ironed onto the twill or ribbon without any extra hanging off. If you are using ribbon, be sure to iron the Heat n' Bond to the satiny (shiny) side of the ribbon--you'll be using the not shiny (matte) side to stamp your letters because the ink won't adhere to the satiny side.

After ironing on the Heat n' Bond, stamp on the letters to make the word or name that you want on your labels. Also, for your reference, I used Tsukineko Versa Magic ink. It was kind of pricy, but I used a 40% off JoAnn coupon to buy them.

Once you stamped out your words you just need to wait for the ink to dry and then iron the labels to heat set the ink. Then you can cut them and iron them into the lining of your next pouch or bag! I also sew the edges of the labels on as well--just to be sure they stay. 

For the side labels, simply cut about 1.5 inches of ribbon or twill and stamp on 1 or 2 letters. Be sure to put them towards the center, but also leave a goot space between them. 

Then, iron them to heat set the ink, and also iron them in half. Simply sew them into the seams of your next project (be sure to pin it very well to make sure it doesn't get sewn on crooked!). 

You can also try different color combinations to match your project. 

These labels are perfect for Etsy or shop branding, as well as gift giving. They lend a nice professional touch to your crafts, but are also hand made! I think that's what I like about these. I don't see the point in sewing something from scratch and then slapping on a factory made label. It taints the integrity of handmade--of course, that's just my opinion.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have questions or comments, just leave me a note in the comments section. :O) 

Happy label making!

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  1. I love your label idea- thank you fir sharing it

    1. I'm glad you like it! You're very welcome.

  2. This is a brilliant idea. What a great way to personalize your gifts. Thank you for sharing this DIY project, I look forward to adding it to my sewing crafts!

  3. great idea,, and I already have those little stamps and everything else I need to do this. Im making some gifts for Christmas and this will be a great touch.

    1. Great! Glad to be of service to you. :)


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