Exploring Philly

It's Fall Break, so we have a four day weekend. In other words, freedom until Wednesday (although I still have homework, so I feel incredibly gipped). A lot of the freshman (and upperclassmen, for that matter) seem to have left for home, but since home is so far away, I decided to stay in Philly. I took this opportunity to explore University City with my friend, Lucy!

Our first stop was a used bookstore called House Of Our Own. It's a neat concept. They literally took a house, and filled it with bookshelves. It's kind of what I want my house to look like when I "grow up." Although, I don't want that many books because that would be a tad obsessive. The books were mostly "intellectual" and "academic," which I didn't feel much like looking at. I did find a copy of an Angelina the Ballerina book. I used to adore those books when I was little. :O) I didn't buy it since I'm on a budget, but I did take a good look through it.

On our way to our next stop (a thrift store), we discovered the Lil' Pop Shop. They make awesome popsicles without artificial colorings and all that sort of bad stuff. And, they had an awesome chalkboard menu. I'm a sucker for anywhere with a chalkboard menu. 

I got a raspberry yoghurt popsicle, and it was delicious. Today's weather was perfect for popsicles. It was just hovering at around 65 degrees, which is the perfect climate for my Alaskan self.

The popsicle shop was super cute, and had embroidery hoop art. I've been seeing this kind of thing all over Pinterest, and I have to say, it looks nice if you can find different sized hoops and cool fabric. I will most definitely keep this in mind for next year's "apartment" style dorm. 

There you have it. A brief peek at what I've been up to in all my free time that I'm obviously not spending blogging. My bad. I can't believe it's already the end of October!

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