Christmas Gifts and Rowena Ravenclaw

Click Clack Clunk reached 50,000 views today! It's not a huge number, but I'm still proud to have reached that milestone number. :0) Next up is my first blogiversary! 

Just wanted to share a few of my awesome-sauce Christmas gifts with you guys. One of my honorary aunts got me a Cath Kidston pouch, which will be my pencil case starting from this semester. She has been living in England, so she gets really neat and just generally cute things for us. Another honorary aunt got me a One Line A Day journal. It has spaces for 5 years worth of entries–a big commitment, but I'm excited to read it all by the end of it. And, one of my other favorites is a devotional from my mum and dad. It's really pretty with an embossed "leather" cover, and (frankly), the prettiness makes it more fun to read. (Ignore the bottom two books. Those are textbooks I'm currently trying to sell on eBay... any takers?)

Today's been a chill sort of day (similar to every day of my break so far). I made this to practice my hand lettering and watercoloring. I only used the Crayola set for the yellow–the rest was with tube watercolors. I am ordering a "real" watercolor pan set (super excited for that!). At any rate, the quote was inspired by my family's recent semi-marathon of the Harry Potter movies. My parents bought the whole series for me for Christmas (thanks!) so I've had Hogwarts on the brain for a few days now, plus I love this Rowena Ravenclaw (or Luna Lovegood) quote.

I'm getting ready to head back to school in a few days, so I'm soaking in all the relaxation possible before the chaos begins anew. What's your favorite way to relax? I'm partial to reading and doodling myself. How about you?

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