It's Monday... and I'm Sick

Hello! It's Monday, and after spending my morning trudging to student health, and then to multiple CVS pharmacies to find Tamiflu, I spent many consecutive hours in my room, sleeping and watching TV and YouTube. Lots and lots of YouTube.

So, today, here's what I've been watching. It's not quite "Mind-Blown Monday," but I have the flu. Give me a break.

1. The VlogBrothers, because when I'm sick, I enjoy nerdy entertainment.

2. This video about the fibonacci sequence. Granted, my friend actually shared this with me last week, but I've been watching her other videos because it's all so interesting and mathey.

3. This mini-musical, entitled "Procrastination the Musical." Because, let's be honest. That's kind of what I've been doing all day.

Stay healthy, people! The flu sucks, and the flu shot may not protect you! 
(It certainly didn't protect me...)

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