New Goodies for the Still New Year

I bought myself a new Bible and a "for-realsies" set of watercolors with my Christmas gift cards! The watercolor set is Winsor & Newton–and I'm super excited! 

Both of these things will help me achieve my goals for 2013: to be more creative and to read the whole Bible this year. I already have an NIV Study Bible, but it was too big for me to bring with me when I travel. A lot of the churches in Philly use ESV, so I thought I'd give it a shot. The Bible is really pretty, and the faux leather cover is actually really nice and spiffy.

As for the paints, they seem awesome so far. :0) I need to teach myself some techniques and practice a bit though. I tried my hand at it once they came and realized my skills were a tad rusty and lacking. Oh well. It'll be a fun adventure (or a "funventure," courtesy of Anne of Panicky Pigeon) learning how to use them. 

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