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Wow! Tonight's been busy. A midterm; full day of class; dinner and prayer with my sisters in Christ; and two hours of powering through my open blog design orders. My shop has been booming this past couple of weeks, which is such a blessing. 

I've gotten tons done (or at least I feel like I have). Now it's time to wash up, and watch the season premiere of Community. It's going to be cool, cool, cool. I've been waiting to watch it since October, and then they pushed it all the way up to February. Finally, the wait has ended.

Oh! And random side note, I have so far fulfilled my new year's resolution to read the whole Bible in a year. I have been good and followed the schedule every single day (okay... sometimes I've skipped days and had to catch up later). BUT, the point is, I'm on schedule. Reading the Bible every night before bed has been a really good reminder to trust in God's plan as I reflect on what happened in my day and anticipate what will happen the next. It's a really nice way to unwind, and totally worth setting aside 20 minutes a day for. I highly recommend it.

Random side note done. I hope everyone has a happy Friday night! 

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