The Accomplished Squirrel

Doesn't this squirrel look triumphant? He's king of the tree stump. :0)

That's how I feel now. I finished my last midterm this side of spring break this afternoon, and although I have one day of class left tomorrow, it's safe to say my brain has effectively checked out.

Regardless, there is calculus to be done, and I'm afraid that's what my evening will be comprised of.

It's things like this that make me momentarily wish for the life of a squirrel in lieu of life as a college student. If I were a squirrel, I would have no responsibility, and I wouldn't have to deal with collegiate things. Like a communal bathroom that someone has decided to use as a smoking lounge. Or stairwells that my peers seem to have designated as a garbage can.

Was this post utterly devoid of substance? Yes. Yes it was. 

Did it create a 10 minute delay between me and my calculus homework? Yes. Yes it did.

Posts of substance will return when (if) my brain ever returns.

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