I've Got Mail

 I received my "Stylish Surpise" from ModCloth the other day. As soon as I picked up the box from the mailroom, I was a little disappointed. It was clear the box was way too small for there to be a dress of any kind within (which was basically the main reason I ordered them to begin with).

 Instead, I got two blouses. One is too small on me, so I'm going to give it to my sister. It is actually pretty nice (although even if it fit, it isn't really my style).

The second blouse definitely fits me (with lots of room to spare). I opened this one and thought to myself, "Did they mean to send this to Dr. Mindy Lahiri?"

But seriously. She wears these giant "collar" shirts all the time. Anyway, it isn't a shirt I would have picked for myself. I'm not thrilled with it, but I don't dislike it either. It's good in a way since it diversifies my wardrobe.

In the end, the thrill of gambling (that's basically what the Stylish Surprises are) for clothes was still lots of fun, and I think I would do it again.

Birthday gifts have also been trickling in. I've been going to the mail room everyday to pick up goodies from my friends. These are a few of my favorites from my Alaskan pals. The little cat is actually from the third grader I mentor. I named her Tabby Olivia. :0)

 I just wanted to thank everyone for my lovely presents! I am blessed to have friends who care enough to send birthday goodies my way.

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