Faith, Trust and Chalkboard Dust

So... Sara Bareilles is coming to Philadelphia on her Brave Enough Tour. Unfortunately, tickets sold out in the blink of an eye and what were originally $35 tickets have become $300 or more monstrosities. My friend Phoebe and I were so disappointed that we made a stop motion video asking her to let us come to her show. We'll see what happens. The video has only been up for less than a day, and we already have over 300 hits (the YouTube counter sticks at 301 until it verifies the video...). 

This video was a late night study break. A really late night study break.

As for other things, I have completed one item of my 20 before 20. My Etsy shop hit 50 sales a week ago. LoloMade is currently closed for finals season, but I will be back in mid-May for more blog designing goodness. :0)

Anywho... please watch our video, and let me know what you think! Also, if you have ideas of how to get Sara to actually see it, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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