Happy Solstice!

This week was summer solstice, which is a big deal in Alaska because we literally will get a full day's worth of sunlight. Well, in Anchorage we only got about 20 hours. But that's still a ton by anyone's standards, I believe. 

In celebration of solstice there was this huge festival downtown. It was tons of fun, and the most alive I've ever seen Anchorage. My family spent a good chunk of time just wandering the streets and sampling different foods. It was quite a good time to say the least.

 R.E.I. had this awesome little kayaking pool set up. I would totally have done this if I wasn't twice the age of the other participants.

 And I found this piece of Philadelphia in the streets of Anchorage.

This sign basically says everything there is to say about Anchorage... and Alaska in general. Kind of kidding, but mostly serious. We've have had tons of wildlife activity this summer. Perhaps because of the awesome weather we've been having.

And that's it. My family also went to the Saturday Market. I'll be posting photos of that later on this week. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic solstice weekend!

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