To the Market!

As promised, here are some snapshots from the Anchorage Saturday Market last weekend. I loved these street signs in the market. So very Alaskan.

Here's my sister, blending in with her surroundings.

Here's Beanie, one of our three dogs.

There was a super fun illustration booth at the market, but unfortunately I forgot the name of it once I got home. If anyone knows who this artist is, kindly let me know. :0)

Pretty bunting. I want some of this for my apartment next year. (Perhaps a DIY is on the horizon?)

My favorite herb and spice stand! They sell the best cayenne pepper. 140,000 SKU. I don't know what that means, but it sounds impressive. Gotta have my food spicy. If my tongue isn't on fire, I'm not eating right. I bought some to take with me to Philly.

And finally, a guy singing about how his exes all live in Texas. You're never too old to pursue creative outlets. That's what seeing this guy--as well as many other musicians and vendors at the market-- reminded me of.

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