Update: 20 Before 20

Since my 19th birthday, I have been hard at work completing my 20 Before 20 list of goals. Here's a quick update on some of the stuff I've been up to (from the list, I mean). I figured since I haven't really posted in a while, this was warranted.

3. Make my 50th sale on my Etsy shop
I made my 50th sale back in May, during finals season, actually. Balancing freelance designing and my school work was a challenge. I think consistently putting priority on my courses helped keep me focused though. LoloMade has made 58 sales as of today!

6. Go to a real concert
I went to 2 "real" concerts in Philly. My school actually paid for Train and John Legend to come perform, which was my first "concert". Then, my friend Phoebe and I actually got tickets to see Sara Bareilles on her Brave Enough Tour. It was AMAZERATING! (Yes, that's a word in the Lauren lexicon). As a bonus, I got a free autographed lithograph at the concert. Did I mention how fantastic it was?!

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