Blog Commenting Systems (Or How I'm Like a Golden Retriever)

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I've been blogging for a year and a half, and in that time, I've used four different commenting systems. For the first few months, I just used the default Blogger system, mostly because I was a naive little blogger and had no idea that other options even existed. 

Since then, I've used IntenseDebate, Google+, and (now) Disqus. I liked InstenseDebate, but switched to Google+ to give it a go. After being blocked from responding to many comments, I decided that I didn't like not having that ability to interact with readers. So, today I made the switch to Disqus.

I honestly have no good reasoning behind this switch other than that it is the most widely used third-party commenting system for blogs. (Basically, this indicates that if all the other bloggers jumped off a cliff, I would too.) Plus, you can log in with FB, Google+, and lots of other good stuff. That means it'll make commenting easier, I hope. I kind of hated how Google+ didn't allow non-Googlers to comment. How elitist is that?!

Unfortunately, the comments from the IntenseDebate and Google+ eras didn't carry over... which is kind of sad. So... I think you all should go back and redo all your comments. (Kidding, kidding!)

But seriously, do any of you have a preference for commenting system? I have read lots of articles, but frankly, I feel like a golden retriever trying to fetch multiple tennis balls, all at once. I enthusiastically pick one up, and then drop it at the excitement of finding another. Sigh... Blogging problems.

Anywho, I have to go clean up around the house (and that's a real world problem). I hope you all had a happy Tuesday! 

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