I Just Started My First Quilt!!!

This Sunday, I went to the fabric store and bought fabric to make my very first quilt. Goal number 10 in 20 Before 20 is to learn how to make a quilt, and that is exactly what I am doing. No lie, I am super excited about how it is turning out.

Before starting, I spent a lot of time searching for patterns online. I'm glad I invested time in doing so because it helped me to pick up a few techniques. I ended up using this tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches for the blocks. 

I ended up modifying my technique a little by sewing strips of 2.5"x5" fabric together, and cutting the strips in half to make the rows. It's just easier and more efficient... I'll post on that technique later, because I don't think the way I wrote that made any sense. The kids at camp are sucking out my brain cells–I swear it!

Another helpful resource for me has been Elizabeth Hartman's Practical Guide to Patchwork, as well as her blog, Oh Fransson!.

I haven't sewn since last summer, but it sure feels good to be at it again. I imagine cutting and ironing could be a chore; but I've been watching Downton Abbey simultaneously, so it doesn't seem too repetitive of a task. It's a wonder I haven't cut or burned myself yet... being distracted as I am by that show.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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