The Bear Paw

This week the Bear Paw Festival rolled through town. It definitely has a small-town feel to it, but I still enjoy going to it on an annual basis. 

This weekend, a few of us went downtown to watch the parade. As you can see, there were go-carts, "Little Sebastian" ponies, and of course a troop of bagpipers. After all, a parade without bagpipes would not be a parade at all, now would it?

Early on in the day, I found a lost cellphone on the ground. I ended up managing to return it to the owner, and she was so grateful she gave me five dollars (I tried to give it back, but she insisted). Later, I passed by this booth full of cute handmade accessories. I ended up buying a pair of turqoise-colored fish earrings with it. The best part is they only costed five dollars!

The earrings were made by Love Nugget Designs, an indie-handmade business based in Palmer, Alaska. Laura, the owner of the shop, is on Etsy and sells tons of adorable (and stylish) accessories–at a great price I might add. If you have time, you should visit her shop here!

I wish you all a wonderful start to the new week.

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