The Genius of The Family

Last week at camp, we made magazine collages with the kids. In between helping them cut and paste, I flipped through the magazines, just to look. Most of them were National Geographics from the 1970's, and boy did I find some gems in there! 

I ripped out a few of the pages with my favorite pictures in them, and cropped them once I got home. I have a whole wall in my bedroom dedicated to photos, magazine clippings, and other paper goods that strike me as pleasing. (I hang them up using artist's tape, in case you're interested in making your own wall.)

It seems a little silly to spend so much time decorating my room because (a) I only live there for maybe 4 months out of the year, and (b) it is admittedly super messy a good portion of that time. Oh well. I'll ignore common sense on this one.

This particular clipping is my favorite. It's a Polaroid advertisement from the 1970's. I was going to just cut out the camera, but I really liked the context that the advertisement text gives to it. Plus, I can totally relate to the part about being "the genius of the family." (Just kidding!)

Psalm 40:16
But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who love your salvations say continually, "Great is the Lord!"

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